Trials and Tribulations: Survey Research as an MLS Student
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Trials and Tribulations: Survey Research as an MLS Student

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Erica Hayes, Siobhain Rivera, Ariadne Rehbein, MLS Candidates at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing. We started with the best of intentions. Last semester, we decided that we wanted to present at a conference. It seemed like a great idea – we’d gain research experience, network, build … Continue reading

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“Going Old School” Part 2: Taking an Indexing and Abstracting Course

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons Need some reading material to help recover from that crazy week in Vegas? Well fear no more! The long overdue Part 2 of “Going Old School” is finally here! Previously, we informed you the reasons for considering a cataloging course. Hack Library School also had few more posts from another student’s experience … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago, the Library Loon posted about rigor and diversity in library school. As one might hope from a topic such as that, libraryland twitter erupted in discussion. The Loon’s basic premise–highly simplified here simply because all of you can go read the whole post if so inclined (and I hope you are)–is that too much of … Continue reading