Avoiding Common Internship Problems (Tip, don’t be a go-fer)
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Avoiding Common Internship Problems (Tip, don’t be a go-fer)

If you’re in the second year of your MLS, you’re probably just finishing or just starting an internship. Congratulations and/or good luck! While internships can be a challenge you really can’t argue with the benefits, and for us online-only students they may also be the first and best chance to get some real-world perspective on … Continue reading

Internships & Volunteering

Working, Volunteering, or Interning Before Library School

If you’re considering library school, if you’ve been accepted, and especially if you’re already there, I would strongly recommend getting hands-on experience as soon as possible. An internship or even just a bit of volunteering will help you to build a foundation of knowledge and skills as you pursue your degree. Other hackers have written on finding opportunities … Continue reading