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Popular Misconceptions

Welcome Geoff Johnson to the HackLibSchool blog. Geoff (on Twitter, or find him on LinkedIn) is a proto-librarian interested in academic librarianship and special libraries – especially news libraries* – attending the Simmons College GSLIS and living in Boston. He’ll finish up his coursework in May. *But really, more than anything, he’s interested in being flexible, versatile, … Continue reading

Distance Learning

The Perils/Possibilities of attending Library School Online

Justin de la Cruz is in his first trimester of library studies at Florida State University. His professional interests include academic libraries, digital libraries, and emerging technologies. His personal interests include music (listening, writing, performing, recording), internet culture (trends, memes, single-serving sites), and comedy. You can read more on his website.  There’s an old adage … Continue reading

Internships & Volunteering

Volunteering in LIS – not what you expect

Please welcome another guest, Katie Westlake! Katie is a first-year MLIS candidate in the University of Washington’s online degree program. Her future interests currently lie in library administration and/or international librarianship, but she’s staying open to the possibility of being seduced by other areas of study. She writes about everything from library science to dinosaurs in … Continue reading

Hellos & Goodbyes


Please welcome Brian Leaf who is graduating with an MSLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2011. He writes at and tweets from @bdleaf. Brian’s interests include instructional design, library marketing/outreach, and emerging technologies. Someday, he hopes to take a leadership role in library administration and education policy. Read on for his … Continue reading

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Redefining Information Literacy for the Networked World

Please welcome another guest, April Martin! April L Martin is a second year MLIS student at the  University of Washington.  Her interests include reference, preservation, anti-Googlization, oral history archives, historical research, Facebook scrabble, reading great books, Nina Simone, talking, and long walks on the beach. One of the hot topics on the HLS wiki was information literacy — Here’s … Continue reading