Hack Your Digital Presentations Like a Pro: Tips & Tricks
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Hack Your Digital Presentations Like a Pro: Tips & Tricks

As the leaves turn a subtle amber and the wind begins to usher us along our hectic school schedule, no sooner is the fall semester underway in library school land. With it, comes your first whiff of freshly assigned discussion board write-ups, papers, maybe even a group project or two and then the ever-present slide show presentation. But, beware … Continue reading

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Open Access Student Publishing

Sometimes, the stars of open access (OA) and student publishing align. Alignment generates academic journals of student works that are made freely accessible to all. Many institutions already support student journals, as this vast survey of the undergraduate publishing landscape shows. How can LIS students contribute our unique skills and perspectives to student publishing? And how would everyone involved benefit from such involvement? Adding Value In my experience, LIS students add value … Continue reading

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What’s That Tape? Media Carriers 101

On Friday, I had the opportunity to join the Virginia chapter of the Special Libraries Association on a tour of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation. It was a spectacular experience  – now I know what 50 petabytes of data storage capacity look like, what a U-matic reformatting robot looks like, and what severely deteriorated … Continue reading