So you want to be a Latin American/Area Studies librarian?
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So you want to be a Latin American/Area Studies librarian?

So you know that you want to be a librarian, but have you thought about specializing in a certain field? If you have an interest in foreign languages and cultures or Latin America, a career as a Latin American/Area studies librarian may be for you. To get an idea of what this job entails, we asked … Continue reading

<del>Hack </del>Quirk Your Demonstrations
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Hack Quirk Your Demonstrations

Many library positions will involve some element of instruction or demonstrating tools or resources. It’s likely that most will, when you think beyond formal instruction sessions and start to consider situations such as informal demonstrations of tools to colleagues or supervisors. This post is about one simple technique that can make instruction or demonstration a … Continue reading

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What’s a Librarian Doing Here? Or Attending Conferences Out of Discipline.

On Hack Library School, there have been a lot of articles about conferences. These have mainly focused on the advantages of attending local library or archives conferences or the big ‘un, ALA, over the summer. My goal here isn’t to rehash what has already been written but to talk about the possibilities and the fun … Continue reading