So you want to be a medical librarian, perhaps? [Interview Edition]
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So you want to be a medical librarian, perhaps? [Interview Edition]

Are you debating what type of library field you’d like to pursue after graduation? Has it been a challenge for you to sit down and decide your options? Would you ever considered a career in medical librarianship? In honor of this year’s theme for National Medical Librarians Month – “Critical Knowledge in Challenging Times”, Hack … Continue reading

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Why I Loved Lucy Even Though It Got Terrible Reviews: Toward an Info-Humanism

The last movie I went to before the onslaught of finals was Luc Besson’s Lucy. A lot of critics thought it was awful. A lot of critics felt they were too smart for its widely-debunked pseudoscience. A lot of critics argued about whether Scarlett Johansson is turning out to be secretly feminist. I just thought I … Continue reading